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Ateco Tobler AG is now Ateco Services AG.

New Acquisition,
New Name.

Ateco Tobler AG takes over the operational business of Beratherm AG and becomes Ateco Services AG.

Your partner for specialized services for industrial systems, chemical products, and metal refinement

We offer specialised services for industrial systems and metal refinement from a single source. With our own surface-treatment facility, we guarantee fast and flexible service.

Ateco service quality sustainably protects people, materials, products, and the environment.

Experience makes for assurance

We know the essential criteria of ultra-pure media systems in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the requirements of stainless-steel surfaces, we are familiar with the finishing of aluminium surfaces, and we know the regulatory requirements and have extensive experience with the use of chemicals and their disposal. All this knowledge comes to bear during the planning stage of a process and of course during validation. We don't want to offer you an off-the-shelf solution, but the best – tailored to your specific system and application.

The benefits we offer


Wherever you need us within 48 hours, we are reliable and flexible.

All-round service

Discover our comprehensive 360-degree solutions.

Environmentally friendly

Our products are pH-neutral with a maximum chemical concentration of 10%.


Our products meet all GMP standards.


We serve our customers worldwide with Swiss quality standards.

Highly qualified

Our team consists of highly trained experts with over 30 years of experience.


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Ateco products – future-oriented and pH-neutral

When surfaces suffer, we are there to help. Our chemicals and cleaning products are manufactured in GMP-compliant production facilities, with lot traceability, documentation, and certified analysis. With a chemical concentration of no more than 10 %, our specially developed pH-neutral derouging agents Diruneutra and Dirupure offer improved effectiveness & cost savings and reduce the risk potential for employees and equipment.
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Our company

Innovation, quality, and loyalty – the key to our success.

Welcome to Ateco Services AG, your reliable partner for first-class services and innovative solutions. Since our beginning in 2004, we have been committed to providing our partners with the highest quality and excellent services. 

Our corporate culture is characterised by teamwork, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to a flat hierarchy, trust, collegiality, and loyalty. This allows people to contribute their thoughts and ideas freely.

We focus on strong team spirit and a positive atmosphere to promote well-being and the identification of each individual with Ateco Services AG. A first-class working atmosphere is not a mere buzzword for us, but the basis for satisfaction, health, and productivity as well as an expression of our appreciation of our colleagues and ourselves.

We stand up for each other, both privately and professionally, and support each other in all matters. Every colleague is valued as an individual, because we know that our success as a team depends on the performance and commitment of each individual. Everyone contributes their expertise, competence, and enthusiasm to ensure that we continue to grow and develop. People take centre stage – that's what drives us, and we're proud of it!

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We carry out all our technical operations in an SOP-defined, multi-stage, controlled process. We precisely record every measure and every step so that nothing is left to chance. The documentation starts with the initial analysis of the system condition and records all work steps and the use of all chemicals right through to the final inspection.


GMP protocols and certificates

We guarantee the safety of your system through comprehensive GMP documentation of all cleaning, derouging, and passivation processes. You receive detailed GMP protocols from us, as evidence that the work has been carried out in a manner that can be validated and is transparent.

We are here for you 24/7 Emergency number: +41 79 851 74 99